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Mofongo con Camarones al Ajillo,Salsa or Enchilados

 Mashed Fried Plantains with Garlic Shrimp in our special sauce


 Grilled Salmon with our special seasoning combined with a dash of pino grisio wine

 Grilled pepper steak marinated with chefs special pilon seasoning served with green and red peppers with a dash of Red wine


Sancocho Dominicano(Dominican Sancocho)___$8.95

Carne Guisada De cerdo(Pork Meat Stew)----------$8.25

Bacalao(Cod Fish)--------------------------------------------$8.25

Filetillo De Bistec(Pepper Steak)-----------------------$8.25

Mondongo(Beef Stripe Stew)-------Sm-$4.75----Lg-$8.95

Cuajito(Pork stripe Stew)------------Sm-$4.55----Lg-$8.45

Experience many of our wines in stock.
Enjoy our food pairing every wedneday afternoon.

Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!